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While walking down Church Street in New Paltz, I was intrigued by a Lou Reed picture taped to a storefront window. I pressed my face up against the glass to discover a large selection of curated vinyl. Introducing, Team Love Records in New Paltz, NY, my favorite record shop. The owner and I chatted about the records he had on display as if we were talking about wine, this band has a hint of Yo La Tengo, an undertone of Coctaux Twins and blend of Stereo Lab. I came out of the record shop with four great records. 

Shana Falana, Set Your Lightning Fire Free

Gruff Ryhs, Candylion

Cate Le Bon, Mug Museum

The Last Laugh, Joker's Daughter

Here's a link to my favorite of the four.

Unknown Mortal Orchestra

I was at a record shop in the East Village purchasing the new Tame Impala album. The nice gentleman in front of us in line looked at our selection and said, "Hey, I think you will like this" and pointed to Unknown Mortal Ochestra's new record. 

Taking him for his word and the sincere look on his face we grabbed that record too. We plopped it on and to our delight it was a funky little gem. 

Love their newest album, BUT... couldn't help posting a song from an earlier release.

Haerts New Ablum

I have been a huge fan of this band. Its a great feel good, put a smile on your face kind of album. "Wings" first released as an EP, (and on their new album) is my ultimate favorite song. It has all the essentials to a killer pop song, powerful yet smooth vocals accompanied with a strong back beat. I also love the electric guitar chiming in helping along the groove. 

Waited patiently

I waited in anticipation for new material from this band. Honest vocals, layered instrumentals and familiar americana sound. Perfect music for late afternoon, windows open, curtains sailing.

cheers,  Heather


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